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From Hospital to Home: Preparing for a Loved One’s Transition

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The quality of care provided during a hospital stay is just as important as supportive recovery. If you are transitioning a loved one back home after a lengthy hospital visit, there are many ways you can prepare and ensure that their recovery is successful.

Consider the home environment and describe it to the discharge planner

Your loved one may have roommates, pets, stairs and other circumstances that are worth considering when providing care. Talk to the discharge planner about the environment so they can make suggestions as to how to navigate most efficiently.

Ensure medications are prescribed and given correctly

Care involving medications, or even special care such as feeding tubes and catheters require extra attention. When acting as one’s caregiver, comprehension of what is involved during such processes is essential. Before volunteering to take on these responsibilities, ensure that your comfort level will allow you to do so.

Keep an organized calendar for managing medical appointments and more

You may find yourself limited to how often you can provide care to a loved one, or even find yourself confused and overwhelmed with how much you need to remember. To avoid creating stressful situations, consider drafting a calendar that outlines medical appointments and to track medication intake.

Understand symptoms and signs your loved one should be monitored for

It is very important to know the symptoms related to your loved one’s condition. If you are to notice any of these symptoms and are concerned, have a list readily available of the medical professionals you can consult.

Consider enlisting extra help

Managing all home care and recovery related tasks is not only time consuming, but also emotionally and physically demanding. This is where CommandCare can assist and lighten your burden. Our goal is to provide clients with an unmatched level of trust and care in long- or short-term nursing, rehabilitative care, and personal care services.

If you or a loved one are coming home after a hospital stay, CommandCare will work with your physician and case management team to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure delivery of the best home care from highly skilled and experienced health care professionals. Studies show that post-hospitalization home care services significantly reduce readmission rates. We can coordinate services with your insurance company to obtain approval for the services needed, so you can focus on returning to the comfort of home.

Hospital to Home

Staff Writer, Katie