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Keeping Up with Your Resolutions for Healthy Living in 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

With 2017 in full swing, you might be feeling worn out from following your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier. As resolutions go, there’s nothing better than making a commitment to living healthier and taking proper care of your body, so be proud that you’ve taken the first steps.

That being said, sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed trying to keep up new habits in the new year, which often happens when you set resolutions for yourself that aren’t realistic. Instead, for a healthier, happier 2017, stay focused on these wholesome, simple habits that still make a big difference:

1. Get enough sleep
Regular, sustained sleep is essential for staying focused and energetic throughout your day.

2. Eat healthier; include fruits, vegetables, and proteins
A proper, varied diet that’s free of added sugar and provides the right nutrition is one of the best changes you can make to your daily routine.

3. Exercise regularly
Staying active keeps your body in good shape and can lead to higher energy and more comfortable sleep.

4. Take time for yourself
Setting aside time to do relaxing activities is good for your brain and helps to combat stress. Pick an activity or hobby you like to do and make regular time for it.

5. Take your vitamins
Vitamin supplements can be very beneficial and assure that you’re getting the right amount of nutrients every day.

6. Avoid junk food, soda, alcohol
Anything is OK in moderation, but the more you avoid things like candy, soda, or alcohol, the better you’ll feel.

7. Get an annual flu vaccination
Flu vaccines go a long way toward keeping you protected from this nasty virus and should keep you protected throughout the season.

8. Don’t smoke
Smoking is often a significant contributor to both lung and heart disease, so quit smoking if you currently do. If you never have, don’t start now.

9. Use your paid time off to go on vacation or relax
Even the hardest working professionals still need time off from work every now and again. Taking time away from work for vacations or even simple “staycations” at home will lower your stress levels and help you feel recharged.

10. Take advantage of preventive medical care and screenings
Most health insurance plans allow you free preventive care visits or screenings for specific health concerns. Since they come with no fees (not even co-pays), it’s a good idea to schedule these visits when you have time.

All of these changes to your daily routine will make a big impact on your life in 2017 if you commit to them and stay focused on your goal.

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Staff Writer, Matt