Privacy Policy


At CommandCare, our commitment to our patients and our clients is to provide the best care possible. We fulfill this commitment by promoting adherence to all applicable clinical, regulatory, and legal standards, CommandCare's policies and procedures, and our Code of Ethics. In addition, CommandCare complies with JCAHO standards.

Clients with questions about a particular policy, practice, or procedure should contact our Vice President for clarification. Employees should contact their supervisor for clarification on policies, practices, or procedures. Anyone requiring further assistance can contact the Vice President.


CommandCare is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients' personal health information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) and other applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and standards. HIPAA is a broad federal law that provides national standards for the protection of certain health information.

The Privacy Rule, which was created under HIPAA, provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered entities. The rule was created to assist individuals in understanding and controlling how their health information is used. At the same time, the rule is balanced to allow the disclosure of personal health information required to provide quality healthcare, and to protect the public's health and well-being.

CommandCare supports and protects the confidentiality of personal health information and will take action to identify and correct any instances where such confidentiality is breached. We are guided by our respect for the confidentiality of your personal health information, and we will not give out your information to anyone without obtaining consent from you or an authorized person, unless we are permitted to do so by law.

It is the priority of CommandCare to maintain your trust and confidence. If you inquire for an employment position with CommandCare, we may share your personal information with prospective clients and our training partners. If you do not want your personal information shared, then you should not inquire for an employment position with CommandCare. If you have already inquired for an employment position with CommandCare and do not want your personal information shared, then please email info@CommandCare.com.