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Spring Activities for Seniors

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The nice weather is coming! It is time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Seniors need to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Everyone has heard the phrase “use it or lose it” – well, it is true! Senior citizens need to get out and enjoy activities that are suitable for their age. Here are some ideas to get your favorite senior citizen moving:

1. Silver Sneakers is an exercise program for seniors. Local gyms offer age-appropriate exercise classes geared for the elderly. Some health plans allow seniors to partake in these classes for free. Although this is an indoor activity, it can put the spring back in grandma’s step.

2. Take a stroll to the local park. Enjoy just taking a walk and seeing neighbors.

3. Take in a baseball game. If going to a major-league stadium is too much activity, try catching a game at a little league field.

4. Take a bike ride. If riding a bike is too much for your favorite senior, consider renting a tandem bike so you can help with the work of cycling.

5. Go to the local garden center and pick out some flowers. Planting some flowers together is fun for everyone and offers quality time with your favorite senior.

6. Picnic outdoors. Elderly individuals can enjoy watching children run around or enjoy the sounds of outdoor activity.

7. Fly a kite! It is not strenuous and can be lots of fun to do.

8. Take a bus tour to see the sights. If you live near some interesting places, take your favorite senior on a tour that allows for short walks.

9. Check out community activities, especially for Memorial Day. Many towns have parades or other activities at local parks that can get the elderly out and about.

There are many activities that can offer a little exercise and important social interaction for seniors. It is beneficial to senior citizens’ health to get out, move and be social!

Staff Writer, Deirdre Conboy-Mariotti, RN BSN