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What does my health care provider need to know?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Did you ever visit the doctor or clinic, notice the office was full, and decide not to bother the doctor or nurse with something that was concerning you? I imagine it’s happened to all of us. But wait a minute… isn’t that exactly why we made the appointment?

The truth is nothing about our health is a small matter. And, when we don’t tell the provider what’s going on, we rob ourselves of health and we rob them of an opportunity to help us stay healthy.

You might want to think of your health care provider as a super sleuth, a detective better than any on TV or in the movies. When you tell your health care provider what you’re experiencing, you give him or her clues as to what might be going on at a much deeper level.

The sore on your foot that doesn’t seem to ever heal or the little cough you developed since you started taking the new medication, may be significant signs that something isn’t right.

And yes, the office might be full, but you’d be surprised how quickly your health care provider can put the clues you give them into a treatment plan that will keep you healthy. After all, isn’t that the reason they spent all those years in school?

What should you tell your health care provider? Tell them everything. Write it down on a piece of paper before you leave the house so you don’t forget anything. Nothing is too small when it comes to your health.

Remember, you’re the main character of this movie. This is Your Life.

Guest Blogger, Donna P. O'Hern  MSN, RN, M.Div.
Berkeley College School of Health Studies